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Recreation at Terre haute

More and more people are becoming interested on outdoor recreation, both as a means to relax and as a way to get some exercise. Such a large piece of undeveloped land offers many opportunities for people to see the great outdoors without having to go very far to do so, a major plus with many people's hectic schedules. Rather than needing to drive hours away, people can stay right in town and find undeveloped lands teeming with wildlife , interesting kinds of flora , and scenic overlooks, ponds and streams.

For the more athletically inclined, this offers a large area in which to mountain bike or hike. Is it better to go to the gym and workout while staring at a wall, or have a whole woodland to explore while getting your exercise and fresh air too? In its current state, it's also a wonderful area for orienteering, rock climbing, or running with your dog. Depending upon how the land is eventually dealt with, less sensitive areas could be partially developed (primarily through the placement of trails) for horseback riding or cross country skiing in the winter.

Currently, the area near the Trowbridge Drive trailhead is a challenging woodland archery range maintained by the New England Archers organization, which holds events there throughout the year.

The area is also be opened up for hunting and fishing in designated areas. Some areas could be opened as sites for primitive camping. There are many low impact recreational activities that could be carried out on the Terre Haute property without any further development.